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Vm billiards takes care of your cue like our own.

We can replace your tip with any desired tip.

Standard we recommend How tips for the best accuracy and playability, available in soft and Medium. 

As a break tip we recommend the Cell from Cyborg tips.

as a customer you do not need to follow our recommendations, if you want to play with something else, then feel free to play with something else, we only give this advise from our own expertise.

Availability of How, G2, Kamui, Bulletproof, Cyborg, ... and many others.

Please always take contact with us before bringing your cue in. we will let you know when this is possible to have your cue back in a few hours or simply while you wait.

we look forward to hearing from you !

+32 (0) 473 817 854  or at  info@vmbilliards.be